Reviewer User Reviews

Did you finish writing your review and published it? Getting comments on a review is pretty cool, but what if your visitors could write their own reviews on the item and give their own voice? That would be amazing!

With the User Reviews your visitors will be able to write their own reviews right alongside your main review. This is a great way for you to also hear the voice of your visitors about the same item, and for the other visitors to hear other peoples opinion too.

Increase visitor engagement

Your visitors are thinking about purchasing an item and you’re looking for validation if its the right buy through reviews online. Most people will read multiple reviews from different people to ensure the product they’re looking for is the right one for them.

The issue here is that when people read your review they will leave your site and move on to the next review. If there would be more content to be read they will be engaged on your site longer. With Reviewer User Reviews your visitors can read the reviews that other users have left and they will have less reason to abandon your site to look for more reviews online, because they are right there.

Reviewer User Reviews features

User reviews

User Reviews are available below your own review, this will be an area where existing user reviews are listed and users can write new reviews about the same item.

Guest reviews

It is possible to only allow logged in users to post a review, but if wanted it can also be configured to allow guests to submit their review.

Average user rating

A average user rating will be shown at the top of all the user ratings. This includes a rating table where percentages are shown of what people rated the item at.

Filter based on rating

Through the rating table it is possible to filter and only show the user reviews based on the rating given.

User review feedback and comments

Another great way to increase engagement and increase validation is by allowing your users to provide feedback on a given user review.


Through the question “Did you find this review helpful?” users can easily rate if the user review actually contained useful information or was totally unfounded.


Its possible to enable comments on user reviews so your users can engage with one another very easily.

Reviewer Pros and Cons integration

User Reviews fully integrates with Reviewer Pros and Cons. Users are able to list their Pros and Cons with their review.



Easily manage user reviews

The user reviews are accessible through the parent review or directly as a sub-menu to the Reviews.

Through the parent review you can quickly change the user review status or link through to fully edit all the properties if needed.