Reviewer Tables

With the Reviewer Tables you can easily create your own flexible tables to list your reviews. By creating a table you can give your visitors a quick overview of the available reviews.

Create multiple tables

You can create multiple tables and configure all of them individually. Each table has its own options to determine which reviews should be shown and how it should be shown.

Use the ‘Add new table’ button to add a new table configuration.


Select the columns

You can configure each table to have different columns. You can add as many columns to a table as you’d like using the ‘Add column’ button.

There are different columns values available by default. If needed its also possible to add your own custom columns.

Each column has a setting to set the column heading.

Easy shortcode integration

Done configuring your table? Use a simple shortcode to display it on the page you’d like. Use the shortcode like:
[reviewer_table id="my-table-id"]
And you’re done!



You can enable/disable pagination for a table. If there are more reviews available then the number of reviews you set the table to show, then pagination is available for the visitor to view the other available reviews.

It is also possible to disable the pagination and show all reviews in the table. Note that with a large number of reviews it can affect your page loading speed.