Reviewer Pros and Cons

Many people like lists. Including me. What is a better way to end your review then with a Pros & Cons list? Ending with a list is a great way to summarise what you’ve elaborated on within the review, reminding them of the points you liked and disliked of the reviewed item.

Adding Pros and Cons

Adding your Pros and Cons is easy through the intuitive UI. No hassle with getting the proper format, just insert the Pro/Con content and it will be formatted properly for you.

Displaying the Pros and Cons

The Pros & Cons box will be displayed at the bottom of the review by default. There’s also a option to automatically add it to the top of the review or to not automatically add it to a review.


There’s a widget available that will allow you to move the Pros/Cons box around to any available widget area.


Is a widget not enough freedom? Use the shortcode instead!

Styling of the Pros & Cons box

There are three styled templates coming with the plugin that you can choose from. All three templates are styled, but if wanted you can easily override the CSS to fully fit your site.

Want to to further customization? Thats also possible by simply overriding the template files in your theme.

User Reviews integration

Also using the User Reviews extension? The Pros and Cons works great together with User Reviews. Using this combination your visitors will also be able to give their own Pros and Cons list with their review.