Reviewer Icons

Ever saw a big lists of items (lets say books) where you only saw the title of the book and maybe the category it is in? Thats not much information to go.
On the other hand, if you see a list of books with the entire back cover summary per book you’ll go crazy with the amount of given data.

Having too much information isn’t good, but too little isn’t either. A perfect way of adding a ton of valuable information yet still keeping the listing clean is through icons. A icon can give the same information as a bunch of text, clearing the listing up a lot!

Review icons

From each review you’ll be able to select the icons that are related to the review.

A great example use case for these icons are content ratings. If you’re a Video, game or book reviewer there is a great value to showing the according content ratings. Many countries have some kind of rating system to advise the minimum age of a item.


Create presets of icons

A great feature of this extension is you can create your own presets of icons. Chances are that if you’re a reviewer you will be reviewing items that are the same in some way. Since you’ll be using the same icons in different reviews, creating a preset for that would be perfect to save time to find each icon separately.

You can create as many presets as you like, with as many icons as needed. Each icon can be enabled/disabled on a per review basis, giving you full control.
Of course if you need a preset with just one or a few other icons, you can still add individual icons to the review.


The icons will be displayed on the listing (overview) page and on the actual review page.

There is also a shortcode and a widget available to display the icons on other positions.