Reviewer Filters

As soon as you write more then a dozen reviews your visitors will start to see a longer and filled up page. If your visitors can’t find what they’re looking for they won’t be reading what you’re written for them.

With the Reviewer Filters plugin you’ll be able to add a elegant filter option to your site. This will allow your users to filter and search through the reviews to find the ones they’re looking for.

Review Filters

When a filter is used by the user the page will do a live reload. This way the user won’t have to wait till the entire page is reloaded.

The different filters can be setup to fit to your needs. There are 3 default filters available to use.


With the categories filter visitors can filter on the selected categories.

As the site owner you can setup how the filter works and which categories should be shown. For example, you can show the number of reviews that are in a category and ensure no empty categories are shown in the list.



If you’re using tags you can also setup a filter based on tags. This works very similar to the categories filter with the same options.


Of course it is also useful to be able to sort the reviews in a specific order. It could be your visitors want to see your latest work, or possibly the best rated item.

There is a variation of sorting options available.




All the filters are showing (by default) at the top of the reviews listing page. Through a link the visitors can open the filter dialog and start filtering on the setup filters.

Want to show the filters in the sidebar? No problem, there’s a widget available that you can use to add the filters right where you want them.