Using Reviewer Pros/Cons

After purchasing the Reviewer Pros/Cons extension you can install it on your WordPress site by uploading the downloaded plugin files.

The Reviewer Pros/Cons extension will add a additional settings tab on in the ‘Reviews’ > ‘Settings’ area named ‘Pros and Cons’. In there you can configure the settings for this plugin such as the positioning and template being used.


You can choose to the position the Pros and Cons at the beginning or end of the review. There’s also the option to not automatically add it to a review. In such case you can use the included shortcode or widget to add the Pros/Cons to your review at the position of your choosing.


The shortcode that can be used to position the Pros/Cons: [review_pros_cons]


You can also insert the widget in your widget areas all over the review page.

Pros / Cons templates

The Reviewer Pros/Cons extension comes with three default templates. Here are examples of each of those templates:

Modifying the Pros/Cons templates

You can easily modify the template files to fit your exact requirements. If you’d like to change the ‘+’ / ‘-‘ to your own icons for example you can easily use a bit of CSS.

In case you want to do some bigger changes you can override the templates and change them to your needs. Read more about changing the Pros/Cons templates.

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