Uninstalling the plugin & deleting all data

The plugin will never delete any data unless you’ve enabled that option. This prevents unwanted data loss

I’m the first to say that Reviewer isn’t for everyone. If you’re in the scenario that you’d like to uninstall the plugin and delete all data it has added you can follow these instructions.

Make a backup

If you’ve already written some reviews I strongly advise you to make a backup before continuing here. Through these steps all data related to Reviewer will be removed and that also includes the reviews you may’ve worked really hard for.

Data being deleted

This is a list of the data that is going to be deleted, and how it is determined.

  • All options in the database that are prefixed with reviewer_
  • All review posts, including post meta / comments / terms (categories and tags) /revisions
  • The overview page

Note that if you have a different plugin that adds review posts these would also be deleted!

Enable data wipe

Now that we’ve gone through the backup and data being deleted, let me tell you where you can enable this.

Go the ‘Reviews’ -> ‘Settings’ -> ‘System’ settings page. Here you will have the ‘Wipe data on plugin delete’ option, make sure you check this option.


After its checked you can deactivate the plugin, and if you’re really sure, you can delete the plugin. Only at plugin deletion (through the WP plugins page) the data will be deleted.


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