Introduction to Reviewer

Let me welcome you to Reviewer ūüôā

If you’re not yet familiar with what Reviewer is, it is a free WordPress plugin that will allow you to publish reviews on your website. And with reviews I mean the kind where you write your opinion about a product, item, place, or whatever you like. Of course you can also write your reviews in a blog post, but that doesn’t always have all the right features and might clash with your real blog posts.

Seen that you’re here, you’re probably looking for a awesome solution¬†that is reliable, secure, stable and of the highest¬†quality. The good news is, you’ve found just that! Reviewer is the right plugin that you can use, rely on, and scale with.

With Reviewer you will get a dedicated section on your website where you can fully focus on creating and showing off the reviews.

Why was Reviewer build

There already exist other review plugins in the WordPress environment. But, in my opinion, all of the ones I’ve seen are¬†missing out on something. Here are some of things I encountered:

  • Bloated plugins with tons of features no one uses, causing clutter and slowness
  • Only allowing reviews to be added to pages/posts, nothing dedicated
  • Badly coded,¬†preventing any third party developer from doing anything
  • Not being flexible, for example by allowing themes to override how things look

I can continue listing things, but lets not get caught up with that.. Reviewer addresses all that and then some.

Coded with love

Ok, truth to be told, you as a user don’t know the difference between good code and bad code, but let me tell you real quick why it is important to have a high quality coded plugin.

1) Bugs. Software is software and it will always contain bugs. Badly coded software will obviously contain more bugs, and those will also be harder to fix.

2) Extendability. There are many people with many different needs. If you start out with a plugin that isn’t good from the start, you’ll have a hard time scaling and adding features as you go. Having to migrate eventually to something else will probably give you quite some headaches.

Having extendable code will allow extra code to be added without the need of modifying the core plugin. A high quality code base will only make this easier and clear to anyone going in.

3) Speed. Did you know Amazon loses 1% in sales for every 100ms (yeah milliseconds) of page load. Google reported a 20% drop in traffic when it loads 0.5 seconds slower.

Ok, so you aren’t Amazon of Google, but it does show how important speed is. Having a good quality code base probably also means this something that is thought of. If someone writes bad code they probably don’t know the first thing about speed optimization.

4) Stability. This kinda comes down to the bugs part. Having clean code will prevent tons of bugs, and the times they do appear they will be quicker to solve.

5) Security. Do I need to say anything else..?

Ok, that part became a longer then I thought it would, but it shows you why the hidden part, the code, is also very important for you, the user. I take great pride in the code I write and will always do my best to make things even better.


When I say that every site¬†looks, feels and works different, you’ll probably agree with me. As such, if you want your reviews to feel like a integrated part of your website you’ll need to be able to do some modifications. Because lets be fair, its impossible to make a unified look&feel that fits seamlessly¬†on every site. Of course I did my best to make a unified layout that works as much¬†as possible with any theme.¬†But if you want to integrate the reviews¬†closer with your site there are flexible build-in¬†techniques you can use

There are two commonly used techniques within the plugin that you can use to modify how the reviews look:
1) Overriding template files in your own (child) theme
2) Adding/removing layout parts through WordPress hooks

Read more about how you can override template files


As mentioned before, the Reviewer plugin is made to be extended. Thats exactly what is being done and there are already a few official extensions available! The Reviewer plugin is created according a freemium model, which means the are going to be both free and paid parts available. The core plugin is completely free and allows you to get started writing reviews immediately. Nothing has been left out from there that would prevent you from doing so, and thus you can use the plugin completely for free.

Aside from that, there are going to be extensions you can add to further improve your reviews in different ways. Only extensions that are believed to offer a significant additional value to your website will be offered as paid extensions.

(why selling extensions? well, you and me both¬†want a review plugin¬†thats going to last a long time and get regular updates, so it’s going to need to sustain itself. Selling extensions that offer a significant additional value is a good and sustainable way to support the Reviewer eco-system)

View the available extensions


A lot of effort is being made to reply to every support request within 24 hours. Most of the time its well below that, in some cases its just above.

Do you have a question, a feature request or feedback? Feel free to get in touch!

Closing words

I hope this gives you a overview of how Reviewer works and hope you’ll enjoy using it. Haven’t tried it out yet? Go ahead and download the free plugin!

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