Installing the plugin

As the Core Reviewer plugin is in the WordPress repository it is quite easy to install the plugin. You can either install it from within the plugins page on your website, or download a copy of the plugin and install it via FTP.

Once you’ve installed and activated the plugin you will be prompted with a notification whether you’d like the plugin to create a page that is used for the overview page that holds the reviews.


Its highly recommended to install the page automatically, but its also possible to manually create the page.

Manually creating the page

To manually create the page you have to do two things:
1) Create the page (does not need any content)
2) Select the just created page in the setting on the ‘Reviews’ -> ‘Settings’ -> ‘Reviews’ settings page

Again, this is done automatically for you when using the ‘Install page’ feature.

That’s it

That is all you need to do to install the plugin and get things working. Note that everything will still be working without installing the page, there just won’t be a overview page where you can list all your reviews. You could still link directly to them.

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