A great WordPress plugin that makes your site a place where your visitors can enjoy reading the reviews you write about the things you love.

Write reviews

Write, modify and publish reviews on your website in a cinch.

Looks great

Reviewer's intuitive UI integrates seamlessly with WordPress.

Full featured

Everything you need to get started writing reviews.

Beautifully coded

Code of the Highest quality and made to be easily extensible.
Developers LOVE Reviewer's code.

Reviewer gives you the foundation and building blocks to create a complete review platform. It has a good balance between core features and extensions available to further improve your site.

Dedicated Admin

Reviews are a important part of your business you want them available in a dedicated and separated section, away from your regular blog posts.

Reviewer has a simple and intuitive UI that feels like its part of WordPress.

Clean & Lean

You care greatly about your website, right? Reviewer is build with usability, reliability, security and performance in mind.

We didn't add a ton of features that only 1% uses, only the ones that the 90% uses. That way we are able to keep the plugin lean and fast.

This doesn't only keeps you site clean, but also makes it a breeze to setup.


By using extensions you can add extra functionality to your reviews and add more and more value

Featured extensions

Create tables to list your reviews. Tables can be configured very easily and with great flexibility.

Allow your users to easily filter through the reviews you've published.

Add rich snippets to your reviews and improve your click through rate in the search machines.



You love writing reviews about items, or are considering starting to write reviews about products / items. WordPress is a great tool to publish your content (blogs) with, but for publishing reviews it is missing some pretty important parts.

  • You have no way to assign a rating
  • There's no distinction between your other blog posts and reviews, including its layout and design.
  • Limited features;
  • Adding features through regular plugins are focused towards blog posts, not reviews.

Using a dedicated review plugin helps you to create the best version of your site and the reviews you write. Not only will it have all the needed features, you can be assured that any additional extension will be fully integrated seamlessly with your site and the review plugin.

Reviewer is a great solution that checks every box for you to start writing reviews. It has all the features you need right in the Core plugin, and provides great additional extensions to further improve your site. With Reviewer you will be assured to have a optimized plugin with security, performance, usability and SEO as top priorities.


For who is Reviewer?

Reviewer is a plugin meant for those who are serious about publishing reviews on their site. E.g. if you're only planning on writing one or two reviews, it's probably not the right choice for you.

Is there a demo available?

Not at this moment, a demo might be added in the future. It is recommend to take a look at the screenshots and/or install the free core plugin.

If you have any questions about one of the extensions, feel free to reach out with a pre-sales question.

Every business needs to make money, what is the business model behind Reviewer?

Reviewer uses a freemium model. This means that we're giving away the core extension with all features needed to publish reviews, and selling additional valuable features through extensions.

What kind of support do I get?

The answer for this question is split in two:

Purchased licenses will get full email support on any questions they may have. Emails are usually replied within 24 hours on business days.

Free extension / Core plugin get support through the forums. I'll do my very best to ensure everyone is served properly, but cannot guarantee fast responses at all times.

What about customization requests?

Customization requests are not part of the support scope, but feel free to reach out with your request. Depending on the request I may be able to offer my freelance services or refer you to someone else.